Ryan Lowry: Technical Sergeant gets a happy homecoming

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.--Technical Sergeant Ryan Lowry spent the last week unable to sleep.  The Delray Beach police officer has been serving in the Air Force in Central Asia, and couldn't wait to get home to his family.

"It's going to be about ten months, but overseas, it's a little over six months, which felt like two years.  But, it's uh, thank God it's all over now," he said, smiling.

At St. Juliana's Catholic School, his four-year-old daughter, Kiersten, was in class.  A bevy of television and newspaper photojournalists and reporters hovered in the room around her classmates.

The classroom door swung open, Kiersten turned to look.  "Daddy!" she yelled.

"Kiersten!  Come here you!  How are you doing baby girl?  I missed you," he exclaimed.

Kiersten responded, "I missed you too daddy," as the two hugged tightly.

Kiersten said she knew her dad was coming home, that she had an inkling.

"Did you know I was coming here today?" her father asked. 

"Yes!" she said.

The airman was surprised at how much his little girl had grown.

"My goodness!  You're like, six feet tall," he said.

The impression on the four-year-old girl was pretty simple.

"That my daddy loves me and he cares about me!"

The family plans to relax, catch up and watch cartoons the next few days, enjoying time together. 

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