Rupert Harty update: Neighbors react to new information on South Olive Avenue murder

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., -- New information released early Friday morning reveals that a man arrested by West Palm Beach Police may be behind the murder of  a woman on South Olive Avenue from December 22.

Police arrested Rupert Harty late Thursday night for an unrelated charge.

During their investigation, detectives say Harty told them that he heard voices in his head on December 22 that told him to kill someone.

He says he then drove twenty minutes from his home in his taxi cab, got out of his car, and walked up to a woman and shot her.

That woman was Amaria Grant. Grant was riding home on her bike from her job as a nanny at a nearby house.

Residents who live near the shooting location initially believed it was a result of domestic violence, but that may have not been the case.

Richard Van Esselstyn lives just feet away from where the shooting happened.

He was one of those neighbors who thought the shooting was a result of domestic violence.

He says, "We were really sorry. It's the saddest thing we've heard in quite a while."

Since he thought it was an isolated incident, Van Esselstyn says he didn't fear for his safety, but he did stop riding his bike around the neighborhood with his wife.

"You  know if there's someone out there doing that sort of thing, then you don't know," Van Esselstyn says.

Residents say they were shocked when they learned the shooting may not have been targeted, but random instead.

Police haven't confirmed if it was random or not.

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