Record-high Powerball sparks big dreams for $2 a ticket

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Abraham Elezin of West Palm Beach is one of the millions of Americans who hoped for millions in their pockets from the historic $600 million Powerball jackpot.

"All my friends, they all gotta get hooked up," said Elezin. "And my family, we gotta be tight. Y'all ain't gonna see us no more."

Ninfa Diaz has dreams big enough for her and her cousin, Kimberly Garcia. The two West Palm Beach residents stopped at a BP gas station on Lake Avenue in West Palm Beach just to purchase their tickets.

"I would definitely go on a one-way flight to Bora Bora," said Diaz, with a laugh.

Should one win, they would share the winnings.

"Life would change a lot, of course," said Garcia. "I usually don't do lottery, but when I see the pot is raising, yeah."

Joan Raines of Stuart has never bought a Powerball ticket, until now. She usually gets lucky with raffles, so her husband urged her to try her luck with the Powerball.

"If I just buy one ticket, I always win," said Raines. "So finally he said, 'Why don't you buy a lottery ticket?' And I'm like, 'Those odds are just way too off'."

The odds of one in 175 million didn't slow her down, and she hoped her purchase would turn out to be a multi-million dollar investment.

"It feels good, and it'll feel even better if it wins," Raines said, with a smile.


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