Randy Martin, his wife Heidi and two kids complete yearlong trip across all 50 states

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - It's a trip Heidi Martin and her husband planned for 3 years.

"The logistics behind the whole thing, our stress levels were through the roof," said Heidi Martin.

But last June everything fell into place and the Martin family was on their way.

"We saw America, we visited every state and every state capitol," said Martin.

Heidi, her husband and two kids just wrapped up their yearlong family road trip across the country. They sold all of their belongings to fund the trip.

"We had a lot of adventures from hot air balloons crashing to going down in the Grand Canyon in a helicopter and my son flying a plane," said Martin.

Mapping out a route and documenting every library, landmark and restaurant. The family updated their website everyday with pictures and video.

"We experienced winter for real . . . because we never really experienced that in Florida so it was definitely different," said Kristi Martin.

Since their RV could only drive through the continental 48 states - the family flew to Hawaii and cruised to Alaska.

Heidi is now back at her old job. She's a math teacher at Kings Academy. She is already using her experiences on the road in her classroom.

"I do plan to use my stories to try to help the class be enjoyable for them to learn about the different parts of the country," said Martin.

So why the road trip across America?

"I kind of thought of it as it's almost like my husband and I are taking a year of retirement and spending it with the kids instead of being perhaps in my golden years and just me and my husband saying oh I wish the kids were here," said Martin.

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