Pyrotecnico: 4th on Flagler fireworks company missing shells that are considered dangerous

If found, call 911 and stay away from the shells

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A company hired by West Palm Beach for the 4 th on Flagler fireworks display says that it cannot account for some unused mortars and that they may have fallen off the barge and into the Intracoastal waterway, said Elliott Cohen, city spokesman.

Christopher Liberatore, show producer for Fort Lauderdale-based Pyrotecnico, told the city that the mortars have a "quick fuse," which means there is little to no delay between ignition and detonation and that they are considered dangerous if found, Cohen said.

One of the mortars was found earlier Friday afternoon washed up on shore on the 5800 block of N. Flagler Drive and safely removed, Cohen said.

Anyone who comes across one of these mortars should call 911 immediately and stay at least 300 feet away from them, Cohen said.

He said that people should not touch or try to move the shells.

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