Police still hunting for motive and suspect in daylight killing of nanny Amaria Grant

Hunt remains for killer of West Palm Beach nanny

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - The Farinos are the only family Amaria Grant had in West Palm Beach.

The native Jamaican moved here in 2004.

"My wife has not been able to get off of her knees crying since this happened," said Ken Farino.

They called her Sonia, and hired her on the recommendation of a cousin.

She would help the Farinos raise three children in West Palm Beach while Ken Farino traveled on business.

"My children grew up with her, " said Farino.

Grant was on her bicycle Saturday afternoon on Olive Avenue near Edmor Rd. when police say she was approached by a man.

After an encounter, she was shot three times.

The suspect ran off, evading Saturday's police search.

"It's the worst thing that has ever happened in our family life. We've had people die. But not like this," said Farino.

Today, Christmas Eve, the Farinos put up a monument with a cross, a Christmas tree and a Christmas stocking at the spot her body was found.

The Farinos plan to adopt a family through their church who needs help giving their kids Christmas gifts.

"She was great around children. She loved children. It's hard to find someone who has those qualities, " said Farino.

The family also wants answers. Who did this? Why? One thing they know is that this family will never be the same.

"The kids were going to be here for Christmas. We wanted everyone together for Christmas," said Farino.

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