Pharmacy workers at West Palm Beach Veterans Center caught violating FDA rules and regulations

Report shows they restocked returned prescriptions

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Contact 5 Investigators have uncovered a pharmacy operation that could've put the health of thousands of local veterans at risk.

The feds said workers inside the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Palm Beach were retaining and restocking medication that could have been contaminated.

A recent federal report obtained by the Contact 5 Investigators shows the Veteran Health Administration investigated and disciplined four of its own workers after a whistle blower claimed they were keeping and reusing powerful prescriptions. It's a violation of VA and FDA regulations.

Instead of disposing of returned medications properly, the report states a group of pharmacy workers would stash the medications away and use them to replenish the supply if the counts were off.

Investigators called it a "substantial and specific danger" to public health. An internal investigation backed up the claims.

The report comes just two years after nearly two dozen people were accused of running an illegal prescription drug operation out of the same VA center. Police raided the facility after performing a seven month long undercover operation.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Medical Center said leadership took "quick and decisive action to ensure that processes were immediately corrected and sustained."  The spokesperson also stated 33 separate actions were taken to improve the facility's pharmacy operations.

The report states the four workers involved received 3 to 5 day suspensions.

Investigative Producer Lynn Walsh contributed to this story.




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