West Palm Beach Police: Multiple wounds found on mother and daughter

Wounds appear to be from a knife

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - There has been heartbreak and horror in a quiet West Palm Beach neighborhood this week, as questions mount about how - and why - a woman and her ten year old daughter were found dead in their home.

The deaths of Pam Brooks and her daughter, Alex, are raising quite a few questions. "I would like to know what happened so I could have some kind of closure," said Nonie Llorens, the best friend of Pam Brooks.

Brooks was discovered dead inside her Gregory Place home Thursday night. Close by was her daughter's body. Alex Brooks had turned ten years old a few days ago.

Brad Brooks - Pam's ex-husband and Alex's father - came to the home to pick up his daughter for his weekly visitation period. When he could not get inside the home, police say he called 911.

Investigators found multiple wounds on both the mother and daughter that appear to have been from a knife.

"In the community, everybody knows the kid," said West Palm Beach Police Capt. David Bernhardt. "You might not know the parent, but everybody knows the kid," he said.

Llorens said even after a difficult divorce and an ongoing custody battle over Alex, Pam's outlook had been improving. "She was looking better," said Llorens. "She was doing good. Not anything like that mug shot."

The mug shot that Llorens is referring to is the booking photo from Brooks' DUI arrest in May. Neighbors say she had been in and out of treatment for alcohol abuse. "She had been probably depressed but I think she was over that so I don't know what happened," said Llorens.

Investigators said that Mr. Brooks had been cooperating with them and that they do not consider him to be a suspect.

This case is an open death investigation that will be determined by the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner's Office.







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