Palm Beach Zoo prepares for cold weather

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Kareen Powell is spending the final hours of her vacation with her family at the zoo, before the chill moves in ...
"We'll be bundling up, we have the blankets we got from Santa so we'll get together and be warm," said Powell.

Kareen's not the only one preparing for the cold temperatures.

With temperatures dipping into the 40s, zookeepers are taking extra precautions to keep all the animals safe.

Heat lamps will keep the birds and monkeys warm. Reptiles will be placed in heated barns.

"When we do pull them inside we don't crank the heat up to 75 how we love it, we keep the temperature around 60, so when it warms back up they can adjust," said Nancy Nill with the Palm Beach Zoo.

And while some of the zoo residents can handle the colder temps, there are those Florida natives who can't.

"In the wild they don't have heat lamps, so they're lucky here, we cushion and pamper them here," said Nill.

From the animals to Kareen's family, everyone is preparing for the cooler temperatures.

"It's a nice break, I love the cold weather, I love the change of seasons we have to keep our kids and animals warm," said Powell.

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