Palm Beach County crowned a top metro for job growth, unemployment rate drops to 7.7%

County added 10,700 jobs since last year

There are more jobs in Palm Beach County compared to last year according to Workforce Alliance.
Job experts estimate in July 2012, the jobless rate was 9.6%. That figure fell to 7.7% in July 2013, a drop of nearly 2%.
Jobs in healthcare, construction and tourism are up since 2012.
It it helping Palm Beach County to become one of the top five metro areas for job growth.
"Well it's unusual too because in summertime, employment typically slows down," said Tom Veenstra of Workforice Alliance.
Veenstra said the county also added 10,700 non-agricultural jobs in the last year.
"It's a good time to maybe start shopping around looking for that better paying job or that next step in their career," said Veenstra.
Workforce Alliance estimates the coming months could also see significant gains in job growth once the tourism season picks back up in South Florida.


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