Palm Beach County Commission voted Tuesday to end their contact with Metro Mobility

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - It's a transportation mess that could end up costing the county millions of dollars.

The Palm Beach County Commission voting to part ways with Metro Mobility, the company that drives thousands of disabled and elderly people around the county.

While they did vote to end the contract, they have not made a decision when they will part ways or whether the company will be responsible for over 2 million dollars in fines.

The contract likely will not end until early 2015.

"I get reports that they are working to improve, but I don't see any improvements," Metro Mobility rider Vivian D'Angio said.

D'Angio and many others telling the commissioners how dissatisfied they are.

After over an hour of discussion, the commission voted to accept a plan to end the contract, but to allow county staff to continue negotiations with Metro Mobility about the terms.

Metro Mobility has agreed to say on with the county until January of 2015.

Metro Mobility originally had a 90 million dollar, five year contract.

So far they have fulfilled just over a year of that contact. The county says it has received hundreds of complaints about the buses and vans being late.

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