Ordinance to add open network for more taxis in the county, to take riders from Jupiter to Boca

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - As executive chef at Frigates in North Palm Beach, Keith Vaughn's menu caters to the waterfront diners.

"Our entrees, we have fresh hog fish, grouper, being waterfront our fish literally swim to the backdoor," said Vaughn.

So, when he heard the county is considering a water taxi network, he was excited.

"It's going to bring a whole another element of people to the restaurant, anytime you can take a community, county, and bossiness and combine them all into a good situation, it a positive, and win win," said Vaughn.

Currently there are a few private taxi's that make some stops along the Intracoastal. The plan being considered would create a network of water taxis stopping at the 19 waterfront cities on the waterway.

Delores Guyton took a break from her lunch at the Tiki Bar in Riviera Beach to say the more  taxis, the better.

"I like water taxi's, because I like sightseeing," said Guyton.

But there is a cost factor. The league of cities Richard Radcliffe is coordinating the water taxi task force. He says the taxi network may need start up tax money.

"We're hoping that the county and cities involved keep this at minimal cost until it gets up and running," said Radcliffe.

And Radcliffe can't wait for the day, he sees water taxi's sailing up and down the Intracoastal.

"How great is it going to be to connect all the people from Jupiter to Boca and get back and forth to all of the restaurants and great venues like this," said Vaughn.

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