New law targets slower Florida drivers

Violators could receive $60 ticket

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A new law is forcing Florida drivers to move over if they are driving too slow. Those who do not move out of the way could pay a price.

The Florida Highway Patrol says that speeders are one of their biggest concerns on the roads, but the new measure would mean Troopers would have to focus more attention on those going well below the speed limit. Any motorist in the left lane - or 'fast lane', as most people call it - must get out of the way of someone trying to pass.

"The people that go faster, they're going to love it," said Bonnie Marshall, who was traveling the Florida Turnpike from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando on Friday.

Marshall says that she already moves for drivers who coming up quickly behind her. "Common sense tells you if you can't do the speed limit or above, be over in the right hand lane," she said.

Those who have been stuck behind slower drivers wonder why some people have not yet gotten the message to move out of the way.

"If they stay in their far right lane, then it's no problem," said Darlene Johnson, who was driving from Miami to Ocala on Friday night. "I think some people don't know the rules of the road," said Johnson.

Under the new law, any driver in the 'fast lane' driving 10 miles per hour or more slower than the posted speed limit could face a $60 ticket if pulled over by law enforcement.

"It's always been a road rule that slower drivers stay to the right," said Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Deborah Busbee. Safety, Busbee says, is always the priority.

"That's our goal. It's not necessarily to harass just speeders or impaired drivers," she said. "We're out here trying to make sure everybody gets home safely every day."

The measure was signed into law by Governor Rick Scott this week and will go into effect on July 1.



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