New ads tempt cold tourists to visit sunny South Florida

Envy as a marketing tool

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Palm Beach County tourism officials are using envy as a marketing tool, showcasing our typically warm weather to lure potential visitors currently stuck in the deep freeze.

Even with our 'cold snap', South Florida is feeling much better off than just about everywhere else in the nation. That is exactly what the local tourism industry is banking on.

Snow banks or sand castles? Waves or whipping winds? Ask anyone who's visiting South Florida right now and they will likely tell you that Floridians have it pretty good.

"Everyone at home is bundled up, scarves, hats," said Destiney Gary, who is visiting from chilly Atlanta, Georgia. "This is the safe haven for everyone afraid of the cold," she said.

That mentality is now becoming a marketing tool for the Palm Beach County Convention & Visitors Bureau which is now placing a number of ads in U.S. cities where the temperatures have plummeted.

'The only chill you'll feel is the frosty drink in your hand,' read one of the advertisements. "The only gloves you'll need are for golf," read another.

"I think it would get their attention, absolutely," said Sharon Fortunato who is visiting Palm Beach County from Ohio.

"You're missing out in paradise right here," said Christopher Del Boccio, visiting from Georgia. "It's too cold everywhere else."

The ads are appearing in major newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times as well as on social media. Palm Beach County had a record number of tourists in 2013. Officials expect that trend to continue now in 2014.

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