National gas prices: AAA reports gas prices have increased over the last 14 days

Nationally, gas prices have gone up an average of 13 cents over the past two weeks.

The national average is currently sitting at $3.42 a gallon. Gas experts said if this trend continues, we could set a record in the next few days.

According to gas experts, the reason for the increase is due to rising crude oil prices, slow output at refineries that are undergoing maintenance, and low supplies of gasoline.

Gas prices have increased nine out of the last 10 years in February.

In Florida, the average price is $3.49 a gallon according to AAA.

In the West Palm Beach and Boca Raton area, gas is currently around $3.58 a gallon.

The highest price of gas ever recorded for this area was $4.18 a gallon back in 2008.

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