Mitchell Tobin: Billy Elliot actor debuts at the Kravis Center

It's a big night for a local actor.

12-year-old Mitchell Tobin is a 7th grade student at Bak Middle School of the Arts.

He's also an actor and dancer in the traveling edition of the Broadway play 'Billy Elliot.'

Thursday night at 8 p.m. he'll be performing as Billy at the Kravis Center.

He says he first tried out three years ago but just recently got the call... and he's ready to perform.
"I'm not really nervous, I'm more excited to show my friends Billy Elliot and what Billy Elliot is really about and why I really wanted it," Tobin said.
So how does the 12-year-old get good grades while traveling with the play?

Tobin says he has tutors on the road with him to help him learn on the road.

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