Billy Patient: Missing teen's mom has new hope her son is alive after Facebook activity

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Billy Patient was last seen two months ago swimming at Juno Beach. His family says he was taken to the beach by counselors with the West Palm Beach rehab facility where he was staying.

Now, his family says they have new hope sparked by recent Facebook activity on Patient's social media page.

"Do I believe in my heart that is him doing the activity? I can't say that fully. But do I hope that is him? Absolutely," Billy's mother Rita Patient said.

Rita Patient says over the past two weeks, someone has been logging into Billy's Facebook page and checking messages.

Patient has been working with The Center for Search and Investigations which is a nationwide non profit focused on finding missing kids.

Private Investigator Rafael Mojica has been assigned to Patient's case.

"If there has been activity on Facebook, most likely he must be alive. But it is hard to tell because with Facebook and technology there are flaws," Mojica said.

Mojica says he is tracing IP addresses and trying to find where the logins are originating from.

"I can't imagine where he would be all this time without trying to contact anyone. How long can we keep thinking he is a runaway?" Billy's mom Rita Patient said.

Juno Beach Police say the investigation is still open.

According to Patient, the rehab facility called The Academy refunded them $25,000.

The family is offering a $25,000 reward for any information that will help them find Billy.

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