Miriam Rubano bond hearing held: Dentist accused of practicing without a license

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Miriam Rubano, a dentist accused of practicing without a license, had a bond hearing in court Wednesday morning.

According to a sheriff's office report Rubano's license has been suspended since October of 2012.

Deputies say Rubano continued to practice on patients after her license was suspended. But according to Rubano's attorney she had a right to practice as a dental assistant, which he says doesn't require a license.

One of the patients who filed a complaint with the sheriff's office said Rubano gave him a root canal earlier this year at one of her offices called Terrific Smiles.

The patient said he continued to have pain after the procedure and saw another doctor.

That's when the patient says he was told the root canal was done incorrectly.

Deputies say Rubano was also arrested in April of this year for suspicion of prescribing painkillers without a license, which is still an open case.

The judge revoked her bond on her open case and gave her a bond of 25-thousand each for the new charges she faces.

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