Metro Mobility complaints: Some in the blind community are upset with Palm Tran's contractor

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - According to Metro Mobilty's attorney, it will ask the Palm Beach County Commission on Tuesday to end its four year contract.

Attorney Neil Schiller says the company will agree to continue to provide service to the elderly and disabled until January of 2015 while the county figures out its options.

This as some in the blind community are voicing their concerns with the transportation provider.

"One night they had us at the Braille Club until 10:30. They are frequently late," Beulah Taylor said.

Taylor is one of about a dozen people at the Braille Club who says they are not satisfied with the Palm Tran contractor -- claiming they are often late and sometimes drop them off in the wrong locations.

"It is very scary. Put yourself in my position...they take you to the door and leave you there. They go back to their vehicle and you think you're at the right place. Then you knock on the door and realize you aren't," Gwendlyn Myers said.

Myers and her friends say they've complained.

"I called them and they said 'the driver can do anything he wants to do,' " Myers said.

Others don't blame the drivers, but instead are pointing fingers at the company.

"What I see on the road is disgruntled employees, and if your employees are not happy, then your customers are not going to be happy," Wilhelmina Wilson said.

Schiller says the drivers are trained to work with people with special needs.

"It really saddens me to hear that they think they are being treated differently because they are blind," Schiller said.

Schiller says he will encourage managers at Metro Mobility to meet with the Braille Club to work out the issues.

"I really am sorry... our drivers deal with the speical needs population of Palm Beach County on a daily basis. That is their job," Schiller said.

Schiller says it makes sense for the company and the county to go their separate ways.

He says they will ask the county to forgive over two million dollars in fines because of all of the complaints.

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