Lovebugs arrive, keep area car washes busy

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Jordan Bublick was driving home from his son's graduation in Tallahassee last weekend when he noticed his car had weird markings.

"I remember the first one hit the car, I thought it was a bird but they kept coming and so I figured they were lovebugs," said Bublick.

Hundreds of lovebugs smashed all over his 2010 Lexus.

"I couldn't see out of the windshield," said Bublick.

And Bublick isn't alone. Lauren fields went to the car wash after her Toyota cruiser drove through a swarm while heading to the beach

"They'll be flying around you like it's a sandstorm," said Fields.

 While the bugs are annoying for drivers, they're good for business at car washes.

"Oh man those love bugs are very ugly, they make your car look very bad," said Myron Richards.

The bugs make two major flights every year--once in May and once in September.

The bugs often fly near highways- crashing into cars. The owner of  City Car Wash in West Palm Beach warns the ugly insects can cause some costly damage.
"If you don't get them off in two days they will eventually damage your car," said Decoste Jeudy

As for Bublick, he's relieved that his car is rid of the pesky flies.

"Looking good, very good, all the bugs are gone," said Bublick.

 At least until his next love bug encounter.

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