Louis, dog, stars in 'Of Mice and Men'


"Of Mice and Men" has been playing at the Palm Beach Dramaworks Theatre in West Palm Beach for the past month.

But there's one star who's  been stealing the show.

It's rehearsal time at the theater.

"There's about 40 hours of rehearsal each week, and we do 3 and a half weeks of rehearsal before the play even perform," said Sue Ellen Beryl.

And the actors are getting ready to take the stage.

"Most of these artists love what they're doing, which is why they do it, and so it's a joy to come to work," said Beryl.

Even for Louis. He's a black Labrador Retriever that loves the limelight.

"Everyone loves him, he gets a lot of attention," said Beryl.

Louis is treated like a star. 

He has his own driver, dressing room, and even gets paid.

"We do give him a little treat when he does come off stage, so he's always very anxious to come to work," said Beryl.

This is the 14 year old's first acting experience. He's a natural.

"He's an old actor with 4 legs," said James Danford.

Before he took to the stage, he was a service dog spending ten years guiding his owner around in a wheelchair.

"He's happier than I think I've ever seen him be. He knows because he's made and cut out to work, it's what he loves doing," said Danford.

His fellow actors and the audience agree. He loves his new gig, basking in the bright lights and loud cheers.

"Its just kind of a warm and fuzzy feeling, and different, and especially when you have a dog like Louis who does everything right, it's just a great feeling," said Beryl.

The show was supposed to end last weekend, but because of its popularity, the theater is extending it for another weekend.

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