Life in South Korea remains calm as tension rises, Shawn Axelbank says

Reporter's sister says she won't leave yet

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - My sister, Shawn, is an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea.

She was adopted from there when she was a baby.

Now, she's almost 24 years-old and moved there two years ago.

We here in the United States have seen almost non-stop media coverage about the North's threats.

I spoke to her Wednesday morning on video-chat about the rising tensions between North and South Korea.

"If I ask some of my students what's going on, or, how do you feel about it, none of them outwardly express worry or concern," said Shawn Axelbank. "There is a feeling that this is the same stuff that has been happening for years."

She says the nickname that many Koreans have for Kim Jong-un is "Piggy."

"Today I asked one of my students," Axelbank said. "She's young, like college age, and she says, you know, his father and grandfather, all the same. They all make the same kind of threats."

She says she will not leave until something more tangible happens.

"If I am being strongly urged by my employer, or the embassy, or the United States of America, saying that there is going to be serious problems in Seoul, you should leave, then yeah," Axelbank said. "My instinct is not to run back very quickly."

She pointed out that every Korean man has to serve at least two years in the military.

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