Lazaro Paredes charged with changing the amount of his paycheck using whiteout

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A Pembroke Pines man has been arrested after police say he altered his paycheck  to add an additional $1,300 to his total.

West Palm Beach police say that Lazaro Paredes, who worked at 704 Belvedere Road, called his employer to say that he lost his payroll check for $231.00

Investigators say that the business owner was suspicious of Paredes' claim that he lost the check and wrote another check for $145.00

The owner told police that when the check was cashed on December 31st the amount on the check was whited out and the changed to $1445.00

Police say that Pardes told them that he whited out the sum and changed the check to the amount of $1445.00

Paredes also says that he signed the check and put his fingerprint on it.

Paredes was arrested by police and charged with forgery, grand theft and uttering a forged check.



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