LaTasha Currington: West Palm teacher charged in nude photo extortion plot targeting another teacher

A teacher at a West Palm Beach charter school has been charged with extortion after allegedly threatening to release naked photos of a fellow teacher unless she was paid $1,500.

According to the West Palm Beach Police, LaTasha Currington, 38, met the victim in 2011 at their workplace, Mavericks Charter High School.

Police say the victim moved into Currington's West Palm Beach home in July 2012, and that a year later at the end of their lease, the pair had an argument about money and the signing of a new lease.

The victim offered to pay Currington a smaller amount so she could stay until her new residence would be ready, but Currington refused.

In early August, the victim's cat disappeared from her room, and the following day the two had an argument and the victim left the residence, leaving her bedroom furniture behind.

On Aug. 20, the victim received an email from Currington about the money owed and that if she hurried, Currington may have, or know where the victim's cat is.

Then on Oct. 19, 2013, the victim received a text message from Currington that contained numerous photos of the victim posing nude. The photos were sent by the victim to a friend in jail. The jail had rejected the photos and returned them to the victim's mailing address, which was Currington's home. The victim never received the returned photos, which were apparently intercepted by Currington.

The victim then got another text message from Currington saying that Currington was going to forward the photos to other people the victim knew if her demands weren't met. At that point, the victim went to police.

Last Thursday, West Palm Police recorded a phone call from the victim to Currington. The victim confronted Currington about the naked photos and Currington said she would return them for $300 per picture.

When the victim asked, "If I tell you.. I'm not paying you, that's your plan, you're going to humiliate me by sending naked pictures of me to my employer?"

Currington replied, "I mean, there's not much else I can do other than let department of education know who they've got on their team as a certified teacher, let Palm Beach County public school district know what you did ... and the CEO of the school..."

On Saturday, the victim received a text message from Currington asking when and where they were meeting. They met and Currington was arrested. She had the photos of the victim with her.

After being read her rights, Currington confessed to the scheme and was charged with extortion.

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