Last-minute preparations for Thanksgiving dinner

Busy 'Thanksgiving Eve' for locals

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - This can be a stressful time of year for those who are tasked with planning the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. The last-minute Thanksgiving Eve 'rush' was under way late Wednesday evening.

"It took me about a week," said Jaqueline Thomas-Baker of West Palm Beach. "I pray that I'm done today," she said of her multiple trips to the supermarket to prepare for the holiday. But there was a good reason why her Thanksgiving Eve was a bit hectic. She was planning to have nearly two hundred family members at her Thanksgiving. "We're going to be in the front yard, in the backyard and in the living room," she said.

Across the city at Pizza Girls in West Palm Beach, the pies were flying in and out of the oven. "Ready to crank tonight," said manager Josue Morales. Wednesday was one of the biggest pizza delivery nights of the year. "We get a lot of calls and a lot of deliveries; very busy."

Many customers were opting to eat out on Wednesday night to save precious preparation time for Thanksgiving.

"We're going to be eating on the run," said Donna Perry of West Palm Beach.

Wednesday was also a whirlwind of a night for Lawrence Hardnett, also known as 'Larry The Turkey Guy'. He handed out about eight hundred turkey dinners to those in Riviera Beach who would have gone without on the holiday. "Those that don't have it; they deserved to eat as well," he said.


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