Jorge Caba: Diver hit by boat speaks out

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - From a wheelchair freediver Jorge Caba is talking about a recent dive trip that will stay with him for a long time.

"The best experience of my life, becoming a terrible experience it's not easy."

Caba  was free diving Sunday near Palm Beach. A flag in the water alerted boaters to his location. "In this moment I was swimming and I saw the boat coming to me and I tried to avoid the boat on the right side. The boat did not hit me in the head but it took me through the propeller to the back side of the boat."

He says he fought his way to the surface to where his friend and daughter were waiting on a boat. "They picked me up and we followed the boat, the people who hit me."

His pelvis was fractured and leg had deep wounds.

Caba says a friend of his yelled at the other boat to stop, but Caba's lawyer Michael Lariosa said the other boat kept going.

"The boat was caught on video. Florida Fish and Wildlife we understand are investigating. they have the boat and we also understand who was driving and as far as the investigation, that's underway."

For now, F-W-C will only say it's an ongoing investigation. Meanwhile, Caba wonders how he and his daughter will cope with what happened. "It's most important for my daughter.

The surgeon said Caba should be released from the hospital within a couple of days. He will need physical therapy.

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