John Jamason : CAIR launches investigation into PBC employee over Qur'an comments

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - There is a growing spotlight on a Palm Beach County employee who on 9/11 called the Qur'an hateful on his personal Facebook page.

As the county weighs possible punishment, a local civil rights group has launched an investigation.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations says it has to get to the bottom of whether county spokesman John Jamason has ever taken his beliefs on Islam into the workplace.

CAIR's Nezar Hamze is concerned that Jamason is a supervisor.

"He issues counseling forms, disciplinary actions," said Hamze. "Feelings about Islam and about Muslims will manifest into his everyday work. If he happens to have Muslims who work for him or he deals with Muslims, he won't be able to hide it."

Hamze says they're hiring a private investigator and filing their own Freedom of Information requests to look at all his correspondence.

"He is a liability for Palm Beach County," said Hamze. "He has a right to say what he wants to say. But we also have a right to say what we want to say and make sure that everyone's treated equally."

County administrator Robert Weisman told us Jamason didn't make the post with his county computer and that discipline is possible.

But as a merit system employee, Weisman says he's protected from arbitrary termination.

"If he was an at-will employee for which I do have more discretion, I would be considering his termination today," said Weisman.

CAIR says until more is known about Jamason - a married father of four - firing him is unnecessary.

"I don't think that just for him saying that he should lose his job," said Hamze. "However, it does go against everything Palm Beach stands for, if you look at the diverse county Palm Beach is and how they operate."

CAIR says they spoke to county administrator Robert Weisman today, and that they were satisfied with their discussion.

Weisman told us he would be happy to meet with CAIR to hear their concerns.

Jamason did not immediately respond to our new requests for comment.

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