Judge rules on motions in John Goodman case

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Polo mogul John Goodman was back in court Friday morning for another hearing before his re-trial starts in March.
There were several standing motions before Judge Jeffrey Colbath.

One of those motions concerned Goodman's blood alcohol level taken on the night of a crash in 2010 that killed 23-year-old Scott Wilson. He drowned in a Wellington canal after Goodman's Bentley hit the victim's vehicle.

A jury in March 2012 convicted Goodman of DUI manslaughter, but it was later overturned because of juror misconduct.

The defense wanted the judge to suppress the blood evidence.  Attorneys argued that Goodman's blood was taken without a warrant and therefore should not be used in this trial.

The state said that investigators had every right to take blood because there was probable cause of a traffic homicide.

Colbath denied that motion.

The re-trial is expected to take place March 3.

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