John Goodman DUI manslaughter court case update: Juror Dennis DeMartin must be questioned again

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - An appeals court has ruled that the John Goodman DUI manslaughter case will be sent back to Judge Jeffrey Colbath.

It centers around juror Dennis DeMartin. Goodman defense attorneys say they uncovered information on March 21 that DeMartin's ex-wife was once arrested for DUI.

Defense attorneys say he never disclosed that prior to Goodman's trial, and contend that's enough reason for a new trial.

As a result trial judge Jeffrey Colbath must conduct another juror interview with DeMartin.

The interview will likely take place between now and the middle of May.

DeMartin was questioned once before.

Hours before Goodman was sentenced for his DUI manslaughter conviction in the death of Scott Wilson, DeMartin was brought into court.

DeMartin was asked several questions prior to sentencing concerning juror misconduct allegations and about a drinking experiment DeMartin wrote about in his trial book, "Believing in the Truth."

DeMartin was asked if he made up anything in the book, if he was taking a particular drug during his experiment and if he told jurors about drinking three vodka and tonics.

DeMartin answered "no" to all three questions.

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