John Biagiotti: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputy charged with filing a false report

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy is facing charges of official misconduct and filing a false report of a crime.

Deputy John Biagiotti, according to his arrest report, was working security at Rumba's Nightclub at 106 N. Military Trail last July.

At the time there was an altercation between the deputy and a patron Jonathan Guevara.

Biagiotti arrested Guevara and wrote in his report that the suspect had approached him in an aggressive manner and that he angrily bumped into him with his chest.

The deputy and the suspect struggled and then fell to the ground.

Biagiotti says that he struck Guevara in the head with a closed fist because he feared for his safety.

Guevara, according to deputy Biagiotti's arrest report, filed a complaint with PBSO.

A sheriff's investigator reviewed video from the nightclub and concluded that Guevara was not being aggressive and did not threaten Biagiotti prior to the fight.

Investigators wrote that they felt that the information deputy Biagiotti provided in Guevara's arrest report was falsified and provided false information that led to Guevara's arrest.

A check of court records indicates that charges were dropped against Guevara.

The sheriff's office says Biagiotti is on administrative leave with pay.

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