JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary: New photos of JFK, Kennedy family shown at Kennedy Bunker Museum

PEANUT ISLAND, Fla. - As the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy approaches -- rarely seen pictures of JFK and the Kennedy family are being shown at Ken nedy Bunker Museum. 

The Kennedys spent a lot of time in Palm Beach.

"He always felt Palm Beach was a place he could come and recoup and get away from it all," said Anthony Miller, who runs the museum housed in the Kennedy Bunker. 

"This is where Kennedy would have run the free world if something happened," Miller referring to the bomb shelter built for the President on Peanut Island.

This week, the bunker is a shrine of new photos of JFK and the Kennedy family.

The photos show the family on Worth Ave., Caroline as a teenager and Maria Shriver with the family.

Some of the photographs were donated by the Kennedy's others were donated by the son of the President's Palm Beach photographer, Daryl Davidoff.

"A lot of these things were put away in such a sad time. They were stored by now grandfathers and grandmothers and finding they're coming out to the next generation and they are seeing it's something to share," said Davidoff.

A huge scrapbook of articles has turned up, written about Kennedy while he was on Palm Beach. Fifty years later, a week to take a fresh look at Kennedy and his legacy.

Miller from the Kennedy Bunker expects twice the number of people as normal to visit this week. Tour boats leave from the Riviera Beach Marina and Curry Park. Visit www.pbmm.org for more information. 



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