Ineria Hudnell: Former educator and collector preserves black history

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Ineria Hudnell has spent most of her lifetime preserving history. Dozens of pictures crowd her living room, her kitchen and even in the hallway.

"I enjoyed reading and any article that would come out in the papers, cut it out and save it."

Ineria's own history started in Jacksonville where she graduated from high school in 1939. Ineria and her classmates had to make their own graduation dresses to get a diploma.

She went on to become an English and art teacher, calling Palm Beach County home. "The first school that I taught was in Lake Park, Washington Elementary. It was a little wooden school."
In 1982, Ineria started her collection for a black history exhibit. She found pictures of the first black doctors in the county. Pictures of the good times, where residents danced the night away at the Sunset Lounge in downtown West Palm Beach.

"At the beginning I didn't realize it, but when I got started I figured it was important  to have something from way back there, during my time you know."

She started driving around the county visiting schools. "Speaking with the children and letting them know how important it is for them to start reading, that's the main thing, reading a lot. And then saving, starting their own because they are the ones who have to carry on."
The 92-year-old has showcased her exhibit more than 350 times, and shows no signs of stopping. "Whenever they can get this out of my house, into a museum then I will be able to stop, completely, but I have slowed down, way down."

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