Hundreds Sleep Out for the Homeless to benefit the Lords Place in West Palm Beach

More than a hundred people camped out in West Palm Beach Friday night at Meyer Amphitheater Park to bring awareness to homelessness. 

The Lords Place has hosted Sleep for the Homeless for the last six years. The non profit organization raised around $200,000.00 dollars this year to benefit their programs that help people get back on their feet. 
13 year old Cameron Moore spent the night at the event with a group of his friends and his dad. 
The teens, who are home schooled, raised $200.00 dollars to help to help the organization. 
"I think it would be a cool experience, that I think you might as well help people out you know. Why not you can so you should,"said Cameron. 
Cameron's dad, Brian said he wanted his son to experience what it's like to be homeless for a day. 
"There's so many homeless people out here and it's just amazing to try to help even a little bit, every little bit helps so. I'm very happy and very proud of him,"said Moore. 
Al Zelenka was also one of the people who participated in the event. 
He was once homeless for five years and then found help at the Lords Place. 
Zelenka said,"You're constantly looking for some kind of stability and something positive and the lords place has taught me that and given me a good heads up on living."
Zelenka now works with the program and helps others find shelter. 
He said,"They say in the meetings, suit up show and grow up. That's a beautiful way of looking at it and that's all you can do."