Heavy rains throughout South Florida cause widespread leaking roofs, backlogging repairs for workers

Roof repair companies say they're overwhelmed

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - The constant rain that is falling throughout South Florida is having quite the impact on roofs, especially in Palm Beach County.

The wet weather is not only causing damage to homes, but there is quite a wait for homeowners to get their leaking roofs fixed.
West Palm Beach resident Daniel McGilvery waited more than a month and is finally getting his roof fixed on Friday.

"I talked to two or three companies and they all sounded like they had a month's worth of backlog and they could get to me if I was lucky." said McGilvery.

The reason why there is such a backlog is the continuous rain.

The South Florida Water Management District rain gauges show South Florida is several inches above average.

As a result of the heavy rains, the phone lines for roofers like John Davis at Ambatt Roofing have been flooded.

"After the hurricanes we were real busy. Wilma, Frances, Jeanne. So it's kind of like almost the situation, just not as much damage and more water," said Davis.

Davis said homeowners should get an annual inspection before the rainy season or when a storm hits the area.

He said shingles only last 10-to-15 years and tiles will last up to about 20 years. Davis said some residents should think about a replacement.

Davis also cautions against waiting to fix a small leak.
"It just gets worse. The costs, it drives costs up. You have dry wall, paint, texture," said Davis.

Davis was able to catch the leak at the home of Daniel McGilvery before it became a huge mess.

McGilvery said he is just relieved and happy he waited to get the job done right the first time.

"There's that temptation to save money and cut corners. But a roof leak is not something you want to cut corners on," said McGilvery.

John Davis at Ambatt Roofing said he cautions against going with an unaccredited roofer. He said homeowners need to do their homework, make sure the company is licensed and ask around for word-of-mouth recommendations.

Davis also said if someone needs to a quick fix, sometimes roofing companies are working in similar neighborhoods and can squeeze a roof in for work.

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