Goodman juror Dennis DeMartin lawyers demand disqualification of Palm Beach State Attorney's Office

Alleges Asst. State Attorney Collins showed bias

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - The lawyers for John Goodman juror Dennis DeMartin are demanding the disqualification of the Palm Beach County State Attorney's office from further prosecution in the case based on the behavior of Assistant State Attorney Sherri Collins.

Attorney Joe Walsh, who is representing DeMartin free of charge, filed two motions on Monday afternoon including a motion to disqualify the Office of the State Attorney of the 15th Judicial Courth from further involvement in the case.

Walsh alleges Collins engaged in duties that were not authorized by state statues.

DeMartin's lawyers also believe Collins is biased and wrote, "Colling clearly intends to prosecute Mr. DeMartin seemingly to get the State's 'pound of flesh' for alleged misconduct."

Walsh also wrote in the motion the Palm Beach County State Attorney's office must be disqualified based on actual prejudice.  DeMartin's lawyer wrote numerous prosecutors have reviewed and discussed the case, making it, "impossible and too late to remove the prejudicial taint against Mr. DeMartin."

DeMartin is facing six months in jail if found guilty of contempt of court for failing to mention his ex-wife had been arrested for a DUI during jury selection for the DUI Manslaughter trial of polo mogul John Goodman.

In a separate filing, DeMartin's lawyers also filed paperwork for a motion for statement on particulars. Walsh explained through an email that they want to get information from prosecutors about allegations made that they are proceeding on and any evidence that will be used against DeMartin.

DeMartin is expected to appear before a judge on May 30th.

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