Giant mosquitoes in Palm Beach County

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Giant mosquitoes are buzzing in Palm Beach County. They are known as Gallinippers. 

According to Gary Goode with Palm Beach County Mosquito control, this mosquito has been in Palm Beach County for years.

"We find them in Pahokee, we find them out by Lion Country we find them off of Hypoluxo, any place that we have an expanse of grassy areas like pastures, golf courses, sometimes we see them if we have roadside areas," said Goode.

"How large is the Gallinipper mosquito? It's two to three times larger than the average mosquitoes, almost the size of a quarter."

Goode says the big creatures lay their eggs on the ground or in large grassy areas, such as in the western communities. But rain makes them hatch.

"The water around their houses isn't necessarily where the mosquitoes are coming from. People don't like to have their neighborhoods flooded, but for the most part when you are talking about these mosquitoes, these are coming from miles away and may not be coming from the water around their houses," he said.

How do you protect yourself from this pesky and scary mosquito? Goode says, "This mosquito is so big, it doesn't even get away with biting you, it's just flying towards you and it's intimidating it might try to bite you but biting you and getting away with a full blood meal it's not more likely like our sneaky mosquitoes."
Aerial spraying of the county is scheduled which will help knock out all types of mosquitoes, including the Gallinippers.


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