Florida minimum wage goes up by 14 cents an hour in 2014 rising to $7.93 for workers

Tipped workers also see increase, making $4.91

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - Floridians welcome in the new year with higher pay for those who make tipped wages or are on minimum wage.

It is a boost to numerous paychecks that not everyone is excited about.

A 14-cent increase went into effect on Wednesday.

"It's not something to celebrate. It's kind of pathetic. A whole 14 cents," said Lindsey Shores, a server at Longboards Restaurant in West Palm Beach.

Tipped workers will now make $4.91 an hour and those who make minimum wage will not make $7.93.

"That'll help out my student loans I'm sure. All 14 cents on a dollar," said Shores.

The raise is wages is all part of a voter-passed amendment that grouped pay to the consumer price index.

State senator Maria Sachs, a Democrat, said the new wage still put people under the poverty line.

"That's wrong. We're one of the wealthiest countries in the world and Florida is one of the top states in the country," said Sachs.

Many Florida Democrats like Sachs think the minimum wage should be higher.

Economist Brad Hunter at Metrostudy said it is jobs Florida needs more of, not pay.

"An employer might just hire fewer servers or whatever. It might be to compensate for the fact that they might have to pay more per person," said Hunter.

Server Lindsey Shores said she is looking for better work, but feels there needs to be a change.

"Something higher, something more livable. There's people that this is their only job, this is their only sort of income. So it's not something you can live off of," said Shores

Sachs said she wants to focus on the minimum wage issue in the 2014 legislative session which begins in March.

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