Florida legislature debating 'Pop-Tart Bill' that would loosen school gun zero tolerance policies

Bill would allow students to make gun gestures

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - Suspended for making a gun-shape object out of a pastry?

Right now in Florida, public school have the ability to discipline students for simulating a gun with their fingers or making object like a pastry look like the shape of a gun.

"I would be pretty upset at the school to suggest that my son would miss a day or be in detention for whatever case that may be for just harmlessly playing with his friends," said Craig Storch, a father of two boys.

That is why a group of legislators proposed house bill 7029.

Nicknamed the "pop-tart bill," it would make it illegal for administrators to punish kids who simulate shooting with their fingers or for making other harmless objects in the shape of a gun.

"The legislation is in response to when a Maryland boy was suspended for making his pop-tart into a shape of a gun.

When asked about the bill, the Palm Beach County School District said it has a "zero tolerance policy."

Storch said as ridiculous as the bill sounds, he is all for the new law.
"Probably a gigantic waste of time to have to go through that effort. But at the same time, if it's necessary, I think I appreciate someone trying to clean up some of the ridiculous current laws that exist today," said Storch.

The bill unanimously passed a Florida house panel on Wednesday. It will soon be taken up by the fill house committee for debate.

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