Florida Highway Patrol troopers out in full force during holday season cracking down on drivers

Troopers are looking for speeding, DUIs

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - It is considered one of the most dangerous nights out on the road.

The Florida Highway Patrol was out in full force the day after Thanksgiving on the look out for dangerous drivers.
"It's just one of the biggest travel times of the year, so people are on the road," said Trooper Steve Coe of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Coe said when a person mixes the congestion with the stress of family and then adds a dash of holiday partying, it can be a disaster for motorists.

"It's okay to have a good time, but you have to be responsible," said Coe.

From allegedly driving under the influence and speeding, Coe said he and his fellow troopers will be out.

The hardest part for troopers like Coe during the holidays, is giving out tickets.

"If I pull over someone, for instance, and say I see a car seat in the back. It could be a single mom or a single dad. If I write that person 3 or 4 tickets, they're hard working individuals, you know those are tough to pay," said Coe.

Coe said he and others are not trying to be a Grinch out on the road during the season, they are just trying to make sure people live to enjoy it.

"You know anytime a motorist will see a trooper, then often times they're really cognizant of their speed. So it's just out here being visible," said Coe.

To handle the extra cars out on the road, troopers are working an extra eight hours of overtime a week to deal with the increased traffic.

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