Flights delayed, canceled in South Florida due to fierce winter storm in the northeastern US

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Getting there from here could be a problem if you are flying north.

A fierce northeast winter storm is having an impact at South Florida airports.

Snow began falling overnight in parts of New England and New York.

Boston is looking at up to 14 inches of snow, and Long Island up to 10 inches with strong wind gusts.


At Palm Beach International Airport two-year-old Max is on an adventure. Playtime is really a waiting game for his family's flight to Rochester. 

His mother Sandra said, "We just thought here we go again. We had the same thing last year. It's just the risk you take flying this time of year."

The family had their Friday flight canceled and rescheduled for next Monday. A cancelation that would affect their jobs. Sandra said, "We are just trying to enjoy the time, just watching the planes take off and land and playing around a little bit."

Until then, the family is finding creative ways to keep Max busy. The mother's advice for those traveling with kids? "Go with the flow, just try to make the best of it. It's what you have to do."

Another traveler learned her flight was delayed on her way to PBIA. "They called me. American called. Yeah, on our way out. I wish they would have delayed it longer so we could have gone to the beach..." she said.

If your plans include air travel, call ahead before leaving for the airport.

The Associated Press and NewsChannel 5's Tania Rogers contributed to this report.

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