Baby powder left in bathroom leads to investigation by hazmat crews

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Hazmat crews responded to the Palm Beach County Courthouse Tuesday morning, after a sheriff's deputy found white powder in a bathroom.

According to city spokesman Allan Ortman, the powder was found in a bathroom in the courthouse on the tenth floor.

Emergency crews blocked off the bathroom while investigating the substance.

During their investigation, Ortman said a man came forward with information about the powder. He told emergency responders he left baby powder in the bathroom.

No hearings were interrupted during the investigation and there was not an evacuation.

Ortman said you can never be too cautious when responding to a situation like this.

"We'd rather respond to a hundred of these than something actually bad happening," he said.

Ortman said these types of responses also help keep emergency responders well trained, in case the white powder is something bad.

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