FSU film program in West Palm to move to Tallahassee, following board of governors recommendation

FSU will accept reccomendation

UPDATE: The Florida Board of Governors has recommended that the West Palm Beach digital media program take steps to transition to Tallahassee, which includes developing a teach-out plan to accommodate the students with minimal disruption. FSU has said they will accept the recommendation.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- The board of governors that presides over Florida's public universities will decide Thursday what's next for a digital media program based out of West Palm Beach.
The board will decide whether to keep the program in South Florida, or uproot it to Tallahassee. That's the recommended plan by a board subcommittee.
The news comes months after Digital Domain filed for bankruptcy. Digital Domain partnered with Florida State University, creating a plan to build a digital arts campus in downtown West Palm Beach.
Students in the school's inaugural class have been taking classes in CityPlace. The school does have an administrative building located off of Okeechobee Boulevard.
The board of governors calls the $20 million investment in the program "one of the worst economic disasters this state has ever seen." 
Officials with the board of governors office say state education leaders call for "minimum disruption to the students."
Students said they want the school to stay in West Palm Beach, and hope FSU can find a new partner to take over the program.
The 24 members of the school's inaugural class wrote a letter to the Board of Governors.
"The big argument we have heard," the letter reads, "is that Digital Domain was not a smart investment by the State of Florida. Why is it that we, students of Florida State University, must be punished for a single company's failure?"
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