Kimberly Lindsey: Family friend says Kim Lindsey's daughters are doing 'as well as expected'

Friends have set up a trust to help the daughters

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Kimberly Lindsey's daughters are dealing with unimaginable loss -- first losing their mother -- and then their father.

"They are doing as well as one might expect for three children who have lost both of their parents in the last week," Bruce Reinhart said.

Reinhart is a close family friend and is speaking on behalf of the family.

"I think we are all so focused on taking care of the girls I don't know that we have sat back yet and really thought about how we're being impacted by it," Reinhart said.

Reinhart says most of the family hasn't quite wrapped their mind around what happened, instead focusing on Kim's three daughters.

"These girls are orphaned right now. They've got friends and family that are supporting them, but obviously they are going to have tremendous financial needs going forward," Reinhart said.

That's why family friends started where people can donate.

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Reinhart says the Lindsey daughters also want to thank the Sheriff's Office.

"You are dealing with very young victims. Very sensitive situations. The compassion and love and the care that the deputies showed in dealing with these victims was just remarkable and is such a credit to that agency," Reinhart said.

A memorial service for Kimberly Lindsey is planned for Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Christ Fellowship South Campus on Northlake.

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