Estella Pyfrom's 'Brilliant Bus': Mobile classroom spotlighted on NBC Nightly News

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.-- A West Palm Beach woman gained an outpouring of national support, after her story aired Monday night on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

Estella Pyfrom is the owner of the "Brilliant Bus."

The bus travels throughout Palm Beach County, helping underprivileged children get connected to technology.

Pyfrom says, "Most of them have the computers at school, but then once they leave school it's not available to them."

The lifelong educator says she poured her pension and retirement money into the $900,000 bus.

She's driven it throughout the area for the last four years, offering homework help and computers for kids to do their work and practice for the FCAT.

Since her story aired Monday on Nightly News, she says people have been calling, emailing and texting her.

So far, she says she's received about $5,000 worth of donations.

She says a computer store owner in Ohio wants to donate computers to help strengthen her mobile classroom.

If you'd like to help her, you can check out her website

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