Two Former Florida Department of Corrections officers arrested on misconduct charges

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A second arrest has been made in an investigation of Florida Department of Corrections Office in West Palm Beach.

Former Corrections officer Leon Brown has been booked into the Palm Beach County jail on official misconduct charges.

Erik Boe, a former employee with the Florida Department of Corrections, was arrested Wednesday by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Investigators say that Boe and Brown, were investigated after FDLE received a complaint from an inmate at the West Palm Beach Correction Center.

The inmate, according to the arrest reports, was working at an auto body shop in Lake Park as part of his work release program.

The inmate told agents that Boe and Brown approached him at the body shop and told him that they suspected him of dealing drugs.

Boe and the Brown reportedly told the inmate that if he gave them cash he would not face confinement.

The inmate gave the pair $280, according to investigators.

The pair, according to the inmate, made other attempts to get cash payments.

A supervisor for Boe and Brown told the FDLE that they were not authorized to investigate any allegations of drug dealing at the facility.

Boe was also arrested by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and charged with official misconduct.

The Florida Department of Corrections said Boe and Brown are former employees who were fired July 8th.

This story was updated to reflect the fact that Erik Boe is a former corrections employee



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