Electronic eyes are everywhere and even cramming for book exams not immune from new world

West Palm Beach, Fla. - I remember it well. Exam time approached and the course load could seem overwhelming. So, when that book review came due students everywhere rushed at times to find the "cliff notes" version. Me included. It spared eyeballs, frayed nerves, and grade point averages to have a concise summation of all  you needed to know from a book without reading from the first page to the last.

Now, like the dinosaurs, such memories may soon be permanently relegated to history's dustbin.

I read an article today about a new system called "CourseSmart" that can allow professors to detect if students are thoroughly reading their digital textbooks.  Click here for the full story:

It makes sense, I guess, but it seems not a day goes by without hearing about the latest reach, or gaze, of the electronic eyes and ears deployed in our digital world.

They are meant to protect us, remind us, spur us on to do our chores, and help us make sense of a world moving at warp speed. But how much is too much? And who is sitting at the other end of the digital tether?  Questions worth asking in the electronic cocoon that seems to surround us every day and everywhere.

Now back to that book report!

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