Jennifer Berman's employer says she hit her 'breaking point'

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Jennifer Berman spent her nights at her elderly neighbor's home as his caretaker.

"I'm horrified, sad, broken, and I don't understand what happened," 99-year-old John Willmott said.

Willmott hired Berman within the past month to look after him in the evening hours. He lives two houses away from Berman.

He was shocked to learn her two teenagers were found dead in the home on Monday. An unidentified female, also dead, was found and is presumed to be Jennifer Berman. Police say it appears to be a murder-suicide.

"I gave her a job and paid her enough so she wouldn't run out of money," WIllmott said.

Willmott says Berman would talk to him about her stress.

"She had a bad situation with the kids and the money was not coming in. She didn't push for it as she should have," Willmott said.

Willmott says Berman told him she was insecure and felt unappreciated. He says she was still devastated by her failed marriage.

"There is a breaking point and it seems to me that somehow she felt possibly the kids would end up insecure and hurting like she obviously was," WIllmott said.

Other friends, however, thought Berman was improving after getting the new care-taking job and was even in the process of renting a new condo.

"We believed she turned the corner financially. We knew she was stressed, but I was telling her she was getting out of the woods and things were going to be better in the future," neighbor and friend Tim Frank said.

But Willmott says he saw a different side of the depressed mom.

He says she would confide in him, but he never thought it would come to this.

"To eliminate all of them at one time, as if to erase the memory from the world that they ever existed," Willmott said.

West Palm Beach police say the investigation into what appears to be a murder-suicide is ongoing.

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