SEIU Florida Public Services Union president reacts to deaths on Dreyfoos school campus

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Friends and colleagues of the school custodian found dead at Dreyfoos School of the Arts are mourning.

The SEIU Florida Public Services Union President says he is saddened by the death of a custodian at the Dreyfoos School.

Alphonso Mayfield says he knew the custodian who was found dead with another person early Wednesday morning.

"It is difficult when somebody loses their life before their time. You see someone one day, and the next day they are gone," Mayfield said.

Mayfield says many of the custodians are close with students.

"Outside of the family, the people who will be the most shaken up are the kids because they interacted with the person on a one on one basis," Mayfield said.

He says priority number one is supporting the victim's family.

"Now is a time we need to support each other and do what we need to do to be there for each other," Mayfield said.

He says his office is anxiously awaiting more details about what happened.

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