Dreyfoos School increases security after school resumes in wake of custodian double homicide

School locks more entrances, adds extra police

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Security was heightened and tightened on Monday at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts in downtown West Palm Beach as students made their way back to campus for the first time since two custodians were found shot dead.

Some parents said they witnessed quadruple the amount of police officers on campus and more entrances locked and not in use.

Custodians Ted Orama and Christopher Marshall would have been at the school to welcome the new year, but are now gone.

"I'm very sad. I'm sure other parents are very sad. I think children, they've never been touched by anything like that in their lives before," said Stacy Meschke, a Dreyfoos parent and volunteer.

Meschke said when she dropped of her two daughters - Annabell and Sabina - it was hard to think of anything else other than the double homicide. 

"We got a call from the principal, last week I believe, that security would be beefed up and there was nothing to worry about," said Meschke.

Meschke, like many parents, are still worried.

Former custodian and person of interest, Javier Burgos, is still missing. 

"They don't know if he's left the country or whatever. But it does beg the question, could he show up again?" questioned Meschke.

To help silence those fear, the school added more officers and secured most entrances with locks or officers.

"You know I'm not comfortable with them going anywhere in the world where something as horrible and unimaginable, unplanned like that could happen," said Meschke.

The school did not want to comment and neither did the district on Monday. A spokesperson for the Palm Beach County School District said operations ran smoothly. 

A private ceremony was held to honor both Orama and Marshall just before the first bell rang.

"Jobs can be filled. That's not a problem. But the presence of those two people who had a long history with the school, that can't be replaced," said Meschke

The investigation surrounding the double homicide is ongoing, as is the search for Burgos.

West Palm Beach police did not want to comment and neither did the U.S. Marshals.

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