Drew Gerard: Local man searches for missing $10,000 painting


Drew Gerard has owned LGD delivery service for 24 years.

"It's devastating, I haven't misplaced something in my whole career," said Gerard.

That is until Monday.

He and two co-workers misplaced a painting, he says, is valued at thousands of dollars.

"In this economy I can't afford to take a 10,000 dollar hit," said Gerard.

Drew and two employees were suppose to deliver the painting from Boca Raton to its new owners in Massachusetts.

"We thought we had loaded all the items in, but one of them was left sitting here in the parking lot," said Gerard.

The painting is a  4 X 4 painting ---signed by the artist, Ida Kohlmeyer. It was last seen at 1583 North Military Trail in West Palm Beach.

"It's going to cause quite a heartache," said Gerard.

Walking the neighborhood, searching through trash, Gerard is determined to find the missing painting.

"I looked in every backyard, every back of a shopping center, I looked everywhere that I could possibly look at in the area," said Gerard.

Gerard filed a report with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. Gerard could end up on the hook for the missing art.  

"Because of the circumstances, it will not be covered under insurance, so I'm stuck, I just want the painting back," said Gerard.

If you have seen or have any information on the painting, please contact Drew Gerard at antiquedelivery@aol.com .

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